MWPGM Roland D. Williams Center for Masonic Excellence

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia (MWPHGL) instituted the College of Masonry (the College). Its purpose is to give the members of the Prince Hall Masonic Family familiarity of leadership and management concepts; financial management; Masonic laws, protocols, and parliamentary procedures; and Masonic history.

The first class of the College began in 1999. Originally, the College was established for a four-year program. After review of the curriculum, a two-year program proved more feasible.

Since its inception, the College has proved to be a valuable tool in preparing Worshipful Masters, Worthy Matrons and other fraternal bodies’ members to become more effective leaders in their organization. Over the years, the College remains dedicated to advancing competency and professionalism within our leadership ranks.

At the 2007 Annual Communication of the MWPHGL, the body then legislated that all incoming Worshipful Masters and Worthy Matrons must be certified by the College (via limited studies) before being elected to lead their organization. At the 2008 Annual Communication of the MWPHGL, the body legislated that the College of Masonry instituted a Leadership Academy, and that it is mandatory that a Brother or Sister be certified by the Leadership Academy prior to being elected as Worshipful Master of a Warranted Lodge and Worthy Matron of an Eastern Star Chapter.

Finally, it was legislated at the 2012 MWPHGL Annual Communication that “Beginning with the Masonic Year 2014 (that is, November 1, 2013), all members of the Allied and Appendant York Rite Bodies, who plan to be the Head or Leader of the Grand Body or Constituent Bodies must attend and successfully complete the Masonic College, or obtain a Certificate of Completion from the College of Masonry Leadership Academy prior to his/her election and installation. Further, the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, the Order of the Golden Circle, the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, and the Daughters of Isis are encourage to participate in this program.

Masonic College Dean
MWGM MacKinnon W. Myers