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Pythagoras Lodge was founded by Thornton A. Jackson and was chartered and constituted as Pythagoras Lodge No. 12 by the Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge F. & A.M. (PHA) of the Jurisdiction of Maryland, on June 5, 1871, with Thornton A. Jackson as the appointed Worshipful Master. All of the founding brethren were members of Warren Lodge No. 8 (DC). On December 27, 1871, Pythagoras Lodge was re-chartered as Pythagoras Lodge No.9; by the Most Worshipful Acacia Lodge of D.C. under the leadership of the Most Worshipful Grand Master John F. Cook, RWDGM Andrew B. Tinned, RWG-Secretary John Goins, the officers of the re-chartered lodge were Arthur W. Tancil­ Worshipful Master, John L. Burrill-Senior Warden, and John W. Dorster- Junior Warden.

In 1874, December 1, Thornton A. Jackson organized our sister chapter, Queen Esther Chapter No. 1, Order of the Eastern Star, gave her charter in 1875. The first Wo1thy Matron was Martha E. Welch, and the first Worthy Patron was Thornton A. Jackson. Queen Esther Chapter No. 1 is the first black chapter of the Eastern Star in the United States and there­ fore is known as “The Mother Chapter”.

Throughout its history, Pythagoras Lodge has always placed great emphasis on character and performance. Its ritualistic work has always been the highest quality; never a lodge with a large membership, but one that contained above average brethren with great leadership ability, many illustrious men who once graced the East of Pythagoras Lodge has gone to contribute greatly to the progress of this jurisdiction.

In the year of 1897, we won the “Jewel” which is present each year to the outstanding lodge for ritualistic work in direct competition with other subordinate lodges. We retained it until 1900. We won it again in 1911 and 1912, under the great and dynamic leadership of Worshipful Master Theodore Sutherland-1981, Worshipful Master James A. Ridley-1982, and Worshipful Master Lloyd W. Howard-1983. The “Jewel” was won for the third consecutive year and the trophy was retired. We have it on display with our other awards. Under the leadership of Worshipful Master Jay C. Canady, in 1984 we again won the “Jewel”. We did not enter in 1985 and 1986, there was no contest. In the year of 1992, under the leadership of Worshipful Master Julius S. Montgomery, we again won the “jewel.”

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia has been fortunate to have had these men of Pythagoras Lodge No.9 grace the Grand East:

MWGM Dr. Hamilton S. Smith, D.D.S.         1896-1897

MWGM John Burrell                                        1896-1897

MWGM Nelson E. Weatherless                     1896-1897

MWGM S. Matthew Hendershott                 1896-1897

MWGM Roland D. Williams                           1896-1897

Pythagoras continues to make history as it strives to help our leaders of tomorrow by adopting a school and contributing time and finances to its well-being, under the leadership of Brother Thomas White and Past Mas­ter Nathan Bossard. Pythagoras has also co-sponsored D.C. Masonic Youth Council No.I, Order of the Knights of Pythagoras. 

Members of Pythagoras Lodge No.9 continue adding to the great history of this Lodge by their dedication and outstanding service to this jurisdic­tion. At the 151st Annual Grand Lodge Communication Awards Ceremo­ny on December 9, 1999, Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Roland D. Williams was presented the highest award given in this jurisdiction. At that occasion, he received the S. Matthew Hendershott A ward for his exemplary service as Dean, Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge College of Masonry. This distinguished award is named for the late MWPGM S. Matthew Hendershott who served as Worshipful Master of Pythagoras Lodge during the years 1955 and, with distinction as Grand Master of this jurisdiction during the years 1969-1970.

Also receiving honors at this ceremony were Past Master Leroy M. Hughes for service as Worshipful Assistant Grand Orator, Past Master Julius S. Montgomery for service as Worshipful Assistant Grand Inspec­tor, and Past Master Alton C. Goodwine for service as Worshipful Assis­tant Grand Lecturer.