Shun Jackson

Ellis Bowers, Sr.

Lemonte Westbrook

Rudolph Brothers

The early history of Nathaniel M Adams Jr Military Lodge # 29 was created on the very dream of “why not”. Master Masons from literally worldwide affiliations came together in August 1994 to chart the course for the first military lodge chartered under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. After an extensive conversation between Alfred Speak and Marcus James, a formal inquiry was made to Most Worshipful Grand Master Nathaniel M. Adams Jr. Twenty one brothers met with Most Worshipful Grand Master Adams, Most Worshipful Past Grand Master John D. Howard and Edgar Sam who verbally agreed that it was long past due to start a Military Lodge in the District of Columbia.

After a series of follow up meetings, that dream came true for those Brothers on the 17th of November, 1994. After what seemed a long probationary period, under the watchful eyes of Worshipful Brothers Napoleon Jones (17), Worshipful Grand Lecturer and PM Edward Gunney (4), Worshipful Assistance Grand Lecturer, suitable proficiency was demonstrated and Nathaniel M. Adams, Jr Military Lodge #29 received their Charter signed by Most Worshipful Grand Master Emory M. Levant.