Victor Smith

Theopolous B. Keen, Jr

PM Warren A. Crummer

Larry Cox

On September 13th 1858, Most Worshipful Grand Master C.A. Stewart, Right Worshipful Grand Warden Henry H. Dade, Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden Clem Beckett and Right Worshipful Grand Secretary Edward A. Watson acting on a petition from a group of Masons from Felix Lodge No.3 who were desirous of forming a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the District Of Columbia issued a Warrant which constituted a Lodge to be called Eureka Lodge No. 5 to be held in the city of Washington, D.C.

The appointed principal officers were Edward M. Thomas, Worshipful Master, H.A. Schuseman, Senior Warden and Edward A. Watson, Junior Warden. The first communication of Eureka Lodge No. 5 was held on October 26th 1858 AD, AL 5858.

Eureka Lodge has produced nine Most Worshipful Grand Masters: Edward M. Thomas (1861), Robert Booker (1864), John F. Cook (1866-73, 1876-77), William Taliaferro (1875), Samuel Rodger Watts (1884-86), John T. Layton (1905), John P. Turner (1920), George M. Ambler (1933) and Warren R. Whitley (1997-98). Two Deputy Grand Masters: Joseph Minor and E.T. Hawkins. One, Grand Junior Warden Edward Webster, Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer David L. Stevenson, Right Worshipful Past Grand Secretary, Royce G. Daniels, Worshipful Grand Comptroller Emeritus Willie Arrington, , Worshipful Grand Representative to the East Ralph Carter (North Carolina), Worshipful Assistant Grand Treasurer Jeffery R. Anderson, WDH&W David A. Hinnant , Worshipful Grand Junior Deacon Marshall Cupe Worshipful Assistant Grand Public Relations Charles Briggs, Worshipful Assistant Grand Auditor Warren A. Crummer and Past Grand Worthy Patron Robert A. King. Worshipful Grand Director of Public Relations Ira E. Stohlman. 

Eureka Lodge No. 5 is proud of its rich history and the many brethren who have made and are continuing to make notable professional, fraternal and civic accomplishment. We will continue to carry forward the principals, precepts and sacred tenets of Prince Hall Freemasonry.